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In Icons, Pedagogic Vectors, Forms Design and Posture we briefly discussed icon design. (Icons, in this context, meaning the sketch-pictures on buttons that you can click.) The bottom line was that it’s hard to learn and remember what icons stand for. In Performance, Data Pixels, Location, and Preattentive Attributes we discussed how icons should be […]



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  When designing a computer screen, we have to keep in mind one of the defining elements of the computer monitor: its ability to display many colors. Having desktop publishing software does not mean we know how to design a magazine, and just because we have color monitors does not automatically mean that we know […]


Information Design

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Wikipedia says: Information Design is the art and science of preparing information so that it can be used by human beings with efficiency and effectiveness. It goes on: the term has come to be used specifically for graphic design that has the purpose of displaying information effectively, rather than just attractively, or for the purpose […]